Suez Steel Plant

The Suez Steel Plant, located in Adabiya, Egypt, is a steel melting shop with a continuous casting facility and the necessary auxiliary units, and has an annual capacity of 600,000 tons of cast billets per year. The steel melt shop consists of a scrap bay, 1 x 95 ton electric arc furnace, 1 x 95 ton ladle refining furnace and a 5-strand billet caster.

In addition to the above production facilities, the plant has the following auxiliary facilities: PSA oxygen plant, air compressor plant, water treatment system including a pump house, water treatment facilities and distribution systems, main receiving sub-station and power distribution system.

The ancillary facilities include a scrap and DRI storage yard, stores for various additives, refractory, a laboratory, shift offices, weigh bridge and the gate house.
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